About DALA

The Dayton Area Logistics Association (DALA) is a private sector business group that advocates and supports logistics and distribution companies, logistics and distribution suppliers and support services throughout the Dayton region.


Private businesses have established the Dayton region as a global logistics center for receiving and distribution of products, parts and commodities. DALA creates a logistics-friendly environment that is focused on workforce, advocacy and business growth for the regional logistics industry.

Advocate For Logistics

We are the only association in the Dayton region solely focused on the logistics industry. The DALA can speak with one voice to government and elected leaders to ensure that there is the right infrastructure, and legislative and regulatory environment in the Dayton region to support all sectors of the logistics industry. DALA will:

  • Have an aggressive lobbying strategy to achieve pro-logistics goals over the next 10 years
  • Support transportation and infrastructure upgrades, improvement and construction
  • Promote a low cost of doing business for the logistics industry
  • Advocate for legislation and regulations supporting the logistics industry and industry investments in the Dayton region
B2B Connections

As new logistics and distribution companies locate to the Dayton region and existing companies expand their presence, DALA supports their growth and allows for organic business-to-business connections. DALA is:

  • The business-to-business connector for the logistics industry
  • The resource for locally owned, minority owned and supplier services
  • The connection to major logistics and distribution companies owned or operated in the Dayton area
Economic & Workforce Development

Logistics companies need to have the right facility, the right location and the right workforce to support their operations. The Dayton Area Logistics Association focuses on initiatives, training, education and support services to provide needed support for operating successfully in the Dayton region. Recruiting, retaining and training the right workforce is critical to the success of our logistics industry.