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Training Programs

Incumbent Worker Training Program: Is designed to assist Ohio businesses to remain competitive and increase investment in incumbent worker training.  Under the program, grant awards may not exceed $1000 per employee training and are capped at $200,000 per employer.  Grants are dispersed on a reimbursement basis for the cost of direct training.  Eligible activities include training for incumbent workers that upgrade their skills and knowledge above and beyond what is required for entry level employment.

On the Job Training (OJT): The OJT skill development program focuses on increasing and improving the job skills of unemployed, under-employed, and economically disadvantaged. The OJT participant is hired at the beginning of training by the employer, normally in an entry level employment position. The employer agrees to provide the OJT participant with the necessary information and skills training required for a person to become competent in the performance of a specific job or group of jobs.  Participants in the OJT program will benefit by:

SkillsMAX: Provides organizations with the solid information needed to make better hiring, placement and promotion decisions. With SkillsMAX human capital development services, employers get results: lower absences, lower turnover and recruitment costs. They achieve greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

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