Executive Dialogue is a forum for business owners and executives to discuss common and not-so-common business problems and solutions in a frank and confidential environment. Participants meet monthly in groups of approximately 10-14 people. Competitors are not placed in the same group, and non-disclosure agreements are required.

Begin the Conversation

Each group provides its members with support and consultation on any number of business issues including marketing, hiring, financial issues, etc. The group to which you are assigned can function as an unpaid board of directors for your business – discussing important business issues and providing you with a place to build trusted relationships with other business owners.

Join Executive Dialogue

Membership in an Executive Dialogue group costs $150/year, of which $120 goes directly into your group’s account to pay for monthly meeting expenses. Ready to join? Complete this form and email it to Amanda Bergmann, abergmann@dacc.org.


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