CareWorks Workers’ Comp

As the largest workers’ compensation and risk management consulting company in Ohio, CareWorks Comp strives to exceed customer expectations and reduce the impact of workers’ compensation costs.

CareWorks Comp offers comprehensive Third Party Administrator Services to chamber members, including:

  • Claims Administration
  • Non-legal hearing representation
  • Risk Management Services

Group Rating Program

Joining a group rating program is the best way for Ohio employers to significantly lower their Ohio workers’ compensation premiums. Through a partnership with CareWorks Comp, chamber members can take advantage of:

  • A program that pools together employers from similar industries, which helps generate maximum premium savings for all participants.
  • A multi-tiered group rating program with the highest possible discounts allowed by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).
  • Placement in a group that can provide the highest discount level achievable, based on your company’s unique eligibility characteristics.

You might still be asking how much a group rating program could save your business on workers’ comp premiums. The following two scenarios illustrate the significant impact of achieving group rating status:

A company in Group RatingA company NOT in Group Rating
Annual Premium: $1,000Annual Premium: $1,000
Group Rating savings: 53%Group Rating savings: 0%
Premium Savings: $530Premium Savings: $0
Total paid to BWC: $470
Total paid to BWC: $1,000

Currently, more than 32,000 companies participate in a CareWorks Comp administered group rating program, making CareWorks Comp one of the largest third party administrators (TPA) in Ohio. This equates to group stability. It also means CareWorks Comp has the resources and experience to provide top-notch service.

If you’re not currently enrolled in the CareWorks Comp group rating program and are interested in a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation for the 2021 policy year, please complete the form found at the link below.

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Group Retrospective Rating Program

Group Retrospective Rating is a program that allows Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC)-certified group sponsors to pool together employers of like industry who meet their criteria for safety and claims management practices. When the total cost of claims are lower than the premium paid, the group members can receive a premium refund. It is important to note that participants must pay their full premium upfront for this program.

Employers who wish to participate in group retrospective rating must fully understand the risk involved. If the group’s claim costs exceed the group’s premiums paid, the entire group of employers will pay a premium assessment. This assessment is capped at a predetermined rate.

Deadlines to enroll:

  • Private, State Fund Employers: Last business day in January
  • Public Employer Taxing District: Last business day in July

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation would like all Ohio BWC Group Rating Program participants to review the following documents that will help to ensure safe working environments for Ohio employers and employees:

Group-Rating Safety Accountability Letter


CareWorksComp offers a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of an employer’s potential group rating or group retrospective ratings. Contact Julia Bowling, CareWorksComp chamber representative, by calling 513-218-4062 or filling out the short form below.


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