2019 Soin Award: Looking for innovation in Dayton region

DAYTON, Ohio (December 17, 2018) – The search is on for the next great idea that could win a local business or individual $25,000. The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications for the 2019 Soin Award for Innovation.

“The Dayton area has a long history of innovation and discovery,” said Rajesh Soin, Chairman and CEO of Soin International. “We must continue to encourage our local entrepreneurs to build on this and create new enterprises, jobs and additional opportunities for this region. On behalf of the Soin Family, I am proud to support this annual award that recognizes the accomplishments of these individuals and businesses.”

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Soin family have partnered to offer the Soin Award for Innovation since 2007. The winning applicant will best demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit through a recently or soon-to-be introduced product or service. The unique offering must have the ability to sustain long-term growth for the company, increase local employment and assist in the creation of economic prosperity within the Dayton region.

Last year’s winner, Battle Sight Technologies, took the top spot with the creation of a chemiluminescent writing tool. The tool, called the MARC IR, is essentially a glow stick that writes like a crayon. The writing it leaves behind is visible with the help of night vision goggles, making it the perfect tool for communication on the battle field.

“Winning the Soin award opened doors we could have never planned for,” said Nick Ripplinger, co-founder, Battle Sight Technologies. “Through the award and the publicity that comes with the Soin Award, we were contacted by countless organizations and individuals offering a variety of assistance to help us grow.”

A selection committee made up of representatives of the region’s business and academic leaders, along with the chamber’s Education and Public Improvement Foundation (EPI Foundation) Board members, will choose one applicant to receive a $25,000 cash award and its accompanying public and community recognition.

Past Soin Award for Innovation winners are:
2008 – Mound Laser and Photonics Center, Inc
2009 – IYA Technologies
2010 – Composite Advantage
2011 – Commuter Advertising
2012 – NanoSperse
2013 – UDECX
2014 – AAA Wastewater
2015 – NONA Composites
2016 – Redwall Technologies
2017 – Obi / DESiN LLC
2018 – Battle Sight Technologies

Applications are due no later than close of business February 8, 2019. The Soin family will present the Soin Award for Innovation at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting April 16, 2019.
A link to the application is listed below:

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