Business Plan

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce created a Business Plan for 2021, outlining goals and establishing outcomes for these five pillars of success:

  • Connectivity
    • Foster networks, connections, and relationships to increase the success and exposure of our members and the community.
  • Organizational Excellence
    • Ensure we are the best association we can be for staff, members, stakeholders and the community.
  • Business Success
    • Provide access and resources to cultivate business success.
  • Business Advocacy
    • As the public policy voice for our region’s businesses, drive business friendly policies that promote regional growth.
  • Talent Alignment
    • Provide resources to support employers’ needs for a skilled workforce.

Download the 2022 Business Plan (PDF)

Public Disclosure Form 990

The IRS requires that nonprofit organizations must make their three most recent annual returns publicly available. With the exception of most faith-based organizations, tax-exempt nonprofits with incomes of more than $25,000 must file this return annually with the IRS. Click on the titles below to download the PDFs.

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