Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio

For over 20 years, Sedgwick MCO has been the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce’s trusted partner. Sedgwick Managed Care Ohio (Sedgwick MCO) is a workers’ compensation managed care organization focused on helping injured employees return to work safely and quickly. They provide seamless solutions to support employees throughout their recovery and help clients control expenses and reduce lost workdays. This is an essential component of DACC’s workers’ compensation program.

Your MCO plays a vital role in your ability to control claim costs, care for injured employees, and preserve options for premium savings.  MCOs are involved in every claim to organize the medical treatment, facilitate return-to-work, and process medical bills.

Sedgwick MCO offers innovative claims and medical management services for workers’ compensation, helping its more than 104,000 employer customers control costs and enhance employee productivity. We medically manage more than 50 percent of all claims filed in Ohio.  Our core services include:

  • Customer reporting
  • Education & training
  • First report of injury
  • Initial treating providers
  • Injury report packets
  • Online injury reporting center
  • Internet provider search
  • Medical bill payment
  • Medical case management for workers’ compensation
  • Return to work services
  • URAC-accredited services

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