Gen D Featured Professional: Andy Detling, Brixey and Meyer

Date: June 13, 2022 Category: Articles

Name: Andy Detling Title: CFO Services Manager Organization: Brixey and Meyer Community Involvement (groups, clubs, boards, volunteer activities, etc.): Brixey & Meyer Community Outreach Foundation Hobbies and interests:  I’m an a...

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Kershner: Lobbying is a key to region’s business success

Date: May 31, 2022 Category: Op-Ed

The May primary elections are now behind us and everyone is gearing up for the state legislative primaries later this summer, then the Nov. 8 general elections. Coming out of the May primary elections two things are very clear: Ohio will have an expensive...

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Patience with stock market will be rewarded

Date: March 28, 2022 Category: Op-Ed

The stock market has given our business community and investors a bumpy ride so far this year. Inflation rates are nearing 8%, a near-record, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is adding additional uncertainty. It’s no secret that watching i...

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Intel investment an opportunity for Dayton

Date: February 28, 2022 Category: Op-Ed Tags: , , ,

The Intel microchip semiconductor plant announcement in New Albany represents the largest single private sector investment in Ohio’s history. Every single one of us has been impacted by the low supply and high demand of semiconductor chip imports, and i...

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KERSHNER: Workforce retention and attraction is key to economic development

Date: January 24, 2022 Category: Op-Ed

Circa 1980, 1990 and 2000: Students graduated from college, applied for jobs and physically moved to where their job was located. For decades, this method worked for employers. Fast forward to 2022, and talent attraction efforts look completely different....

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