Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce supports declaration denoting racism a public health crisis

DAYTON, Ohio (June 16, 2020) – The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce announced its support today of declarations denoting racism a public health crisis.

The Dayton Area Chamber has officially endorsed and is encouraging timely passage of resolutions being considered in Montgomery County, the City of Dayton and the State of Ohio. As such, the chamber issues this statement:

“As the leading voice of business in the Dayton region, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes its great responsibility to champion diversity, equity, racial justice, and inclusion in our region. As such, Dayton’s business community stands in support of efforts to declare racism a public health crisis.

We have long known systemic racism has resulted in inequities within our communities, here in Dayton, and across the country. The tragic death of George Floyd has brought us to a national turning point, and now we must task ourselves with tearing down long-standing policies and practices, changing not only our internal biases, but also the institutional racism that has led to deep disparities for our communities of color. In the business world, these disparities undercut the ability of some of our residents to realize prosperity and stifle the growth and success of our economy.

Employers in our region believe we must take further action to ensure the voices of all, especially our black community, are not only heard, but invoke real and lasting change. We can say we are against racism, but what are we going to do about it? The Dayton Area Chamber commits to increased dialogue and awareness of racial injustices, further education for employers and employees to improve diverse and inclusive workplace practices, continued advocacy and leadership in the growth of minority-owned businesses and enhanced engagement with minority business leaders, and strengthened partnerships with the African American community to work against racism. Additionally, the Dayton Area Chamber pledges to use our voice as a leader in public policy advocacy to advance legislative solutions that help the state of Ohio and the Dayton region’s minority population overcome racial barriers.

We stand with Montgomery County, the City of Dayton, the State of Ohio, and its residents as we work jointly to dismantle racism in our community. We will take an intentional look at the effort that is currently underway through chamber programs and initiatives and seek ways to improve. The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is a partner and ally in creating a community where all can thrive.”

About Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce brings together more than 2,200 businesses and organizations in a 9 county area surrounding Dayton, Ohio. The Chamber strives to improve the region’s business climate and overall standard of living through public policy advocacy, economic development initiatives and providing networking and training opportunities for its members. Nationally awarded with “5-Star Accreditation” from the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Dayton Chamber is widely recognized for its innovative programs and outstanding contribution to positive change in the region. Information about the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is available at or 937-226-1444.