Dayton businesses & chamber make safety recommendations amid COVID-19 increase

DAYTON, Ohio (July 1, 2020) – A startling recent trend in COVID-19 cases has prompted the region’s business community, led by the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, to recommend immediate changes to current safety and prevention measures.

“We’ve seen the COVID-19 numbers in Montgomery County and we have to act now,” said Phil Parker, president & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. “Safety is priority #1 and we must work together to use the tools at our disposal to slow the spread in the Dayton region.”

According to Governor Mike DeWine’s office, at the end of June, Montgomery County saw a 400 percent increase in daily cases when compared to the end of May. The state of Ohio has named Montgomery County among the counties in the state seeing the most rapid increase of COVID-19 cases.

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce believes we must be proactive as a community and a region to slow the community spread of the COVID-19. There is a social responsibility on our business community, our citizens and our local governments to take action and protect each other so that our economy and our businesses can safely remain open and operating.

Today, in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce announces its COVID-19 Dayton Region Safety Recommendations for the greater Dayton 9-county region. The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses recommend the following:

COVID-19 Dayton Region Safety Recommendations

• Wearing of facial coverings in enclosed spaces/facilities open to the public, businesses when engaging with the public, and in gatherings of more than 10 people. (Appropriate exceptions for medical reasons, job functions, consuming food/beverages)
• Social distancing in places of business, public spaces and gatherings outside of the home.
• Local governments and businesses should proactively take the necessary measures to protect their citizens, employees and places of work.
• Communicate to customers that masks and social distancing is required (As appropriate). (Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce to provide recommended signage via

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce knows we must have a healthy community to have a successful community. We also know that without swift action, we face the possibility that many of our businesses will be forced to close their doors once again. This would be detrimental to our economy, and hurt those who’ve struggled to stay in business and continue to provide incomes to their employees. We must do all we can to prevent another crippling blow to our economy. With this in mind, our business leaders and the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce have prepared these recommendations to safely keep our economy open and to protect our entire community.

About Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce brings together more than 2,200 businesses and organizations in a 9 county area surrounding Dayton, Ohio. The Chamber strives to improve the region’s business climate and overall standard of living through public policy advocacy, economic development initiatives and providing networking and training opportunities for its members. Nationally awarded with “5-Star Accreditation” from the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Dayton Chamber is widely recognized for its innovative programs and outstanding contribution to positive change in the region. Information about the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is available at or 937-226-1444.

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