Each month, we feature a young professional from Generation Dayton. These up-and-comers are already making a mark on the Gem City, so we’re sure this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of them.

Name: Richard Hairston

Title: Program Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives & Communication

Organization: Montgomery County, Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Health Services

Community Involvement (groups, clubs, boards, volunteer activities, etc.):

  • Wright State University, Friends of The Libraries, Board of Directors: Member- at Large
  • Greater Dayton Brain Health Foundation: Board Secretary
  • Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Generation Dayton Stirring Committee: Member at Large
  • Public Relations Society of America, Dayton Area Chapter: General Member
  • Parity Incorporated, Black Leadership Development Program: 2022 Cohort

Hobbies and interests: Currently, my interests and hobbies include reading self-development books and the bible. After graduating from college and entering the big and scary professional world; I soon realized my degree wasn’t all I needed to survive as a young processional. It’s particularly important for me to keep moving forward and focus on the positive. Reading fulfilling books like ‘Atomic Habits’ allows me to do so! More importantly, my interest and hobbies include community service, so what ever I can do to help the Dayton community I am happy to put my hands to.

Favorite Area Eatery: Wheat Penny

Favorite Weekend Activity in Dayton: I love visiting all the metro parks we have here in Dayton, they’re simply amazing! Currently my favorite park is Oakes Quarry Park located in Fairborn. Oakes Quarry is such a beautiful and serene park with plenty of walking trails.

What do you love about Dayton?

What I really love about Dayton, is the rich history Dayton it has. So many great inventions, music, and art was produced right here in Dayton. Just to think that the first cash register was developed here in 1878, speaks to the spirit of innovation the Dayton region has.

How has Generation Dayton aided your professional, personal and/or social development? 

Some may think that I wouldn’t be a shy person, oh but let me tell you, I am. I’m so grateful to be apart of Generation Dayton, because it provides me with a safe environment, where I feel comfortable to network with my peers to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Tell us a little more about your profession and company… 

Montgomery County, ADAMHS is truly leading the way for transformative behavioral health resources, services, and programs in Dayton region. ADAMHS is responsible or the planning, funding and monitoring of public mental health and addiction treatment services for individuals and families in Montgomery County, Ohio.

In my role as Program Coordinator of Strategic Initiatives & Communication, my focus is heavily on marketing and communications for the entire organization. My role is very strategic in that, its cross functions with every division at ADAMHS and our provider agencies. Which I love because I can work on vastly different projects all the time. Additionally, I am responsible for continue communication about ADAMHS funded programs and services, through marketing tactics such as: social media, media buying, and digital marketing.

Favorite quote or inspirational saying: 

“If you want to get somewhere fast, go alone. If you want to go the distance, take a team.” –Ancient African Proverb