KERSHNER: Businesses Leading on Vaccine Advocacy

Mask wearing, social distancing, and now vaccines are key to ensuring a semblance of normalcy in the months to come. The business community wants to put employees back in the workplace and fully reopen the economy in Dayton and beyond.

Dayton area employers have led the way on COVID-19 safety protocols for employees and guests, implementing safe working environments, cleanliness and mask guidelines, and even self-quarantine policies. Employer safety protocols are working, and businesses are being highlighted by government leaders as models for COVID-19 protocols.

Now is the time for the business community to continue this leadership and showcase a path forward for a world after the vaccines are administered.

COVID-19 cases have dropped by almost 30% in the United States in just one week.  Medical professionals speculate we could reach a critical mass of immunity between Spring ’21 and Fall ’21.   While there are still many unknowns, one fact remains constant: vaccines work. Vaccinations give employers the confidence they need to bring their employees back work, conduct in-person meetings, and restart business travel.

We never thought we would see the day when we would say, “I miss having quarterly sales meetings,” or “When can I start business travel again?” Well, that day is here. There is a strong desire to reconnect with colleagues, customers, and the community. We relied on virtual relationships when we had to, but now we’re feeling the pressure to reconnect and strengthen those business relationships that have been strained because of Coronavirus.

Employers feel this pressure to reconnect, but they are also cautious, and want to ensure employee safety before they take the next step. That’s why Dayton employers are leading the way on vaccine advocacy and healthy workplace incentives. Employers across the region are providing employees time off to get vaccinated, HR incentives for those who get a vaccine, and educational opportunities to help employees feel more comfortable about getting a vaccine.

Employers know vaccines are a critical step to moving forward, so while they’re doing everything they can to respect their employees’ personal choices, they’re also incentivizing them to making healthy choices.

Priority number one at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is getting the economy fully reopened, getting every employee back to work, and supporting the resurgence of a free enterprise economy that is humming on all cylinders. This goal is only fully conceivable when we reach critical immunity as a community and world.

These healthy decisions will save lives and help us get back to business. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We see the light and will get there. I’m proud the Dayton area business community is leading on this critical issue.

Chris Kershner, CAE
President & CEO
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

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