Op-Ed | Dayton to host NATO officials in 2025

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Earlier this month, Dayton’s Congressman Mike Turner, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, local government officials and business leaders gathered at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce offices to announce the 2025 Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will be held in Dayton. NATO PA’s Spring Session hosted here will highlight the significant role that Dayton has and continues to play as an international peace agent and defense leader. 

Chairman Mike Turner has always been a steadfast representative of the 10th Congressional District, but he is also leveraging his position with NATO to bring the Assembly here. As the past president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and current Head of the US Delegation, Chairman Turner is in a position to help support NATO as they play an increasingly critical role in peace and protecting the political, economic and security interests of all of its 32 member nation. There is no better place for NATO and the world to carry out this mission, than in Dayton, Ohio in 2025.

Congressman Mike Turner announces NATO in Dayton, Ohio in 2025

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the end of the war in Bosnia by the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords, which were negotiated at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 1995. Hosting the 2025 NATO Parliament Assembly in Dayton will commemorate the Peace Accords’ anniversary and put the eyes of the world again on our region. 

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly has not been in the United States for over 20 years when it was last hosted in Orlando, Florida.  Most recently the NATO spring sessions were held in Sofia, Bulgaria (2024), Luxembourg (2023), and Vilnius, Lithuania (2022).

When the NATO Parliamentary Assembly comes to Dayton over Memorial Day weekend next year, it will bring over 600 international dignitaries, their staff and families, US Department of State officials, media and the attention of the world. The Dayton International Airport will receive travelers from around the globe; while local hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and retail stores will see a welcome Memorial Day weekend economic influx.

There is also an intangible impact and experience that will occur when for the international visitors here in Dayton. While these NATO events have been held in larger cities in the past, hosting the NATO assembly in Dayton will give participants insight and exposure to “Main Street USA” and the Midwestern values we live every day. NATO attendees will see and experience hardworking Dayton area businesses and people that are truly the heartbeat of America. They will see localized impact of their decisions; they will experience a community that has redefined itself and is realizing a historic economic revival. Everything we do as a community and every experience they have, will be a story they will take home.

Dayton will again be at the center of international peace, diplomacy and economic growth. I’m proud, and not at all surprised, that our community continues to be on the international stage.

Chris Kershner
President & CEO
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce