What young professional programs (like our own Generation Dayton) do for Dayton

In 2017, Millennials were documented as the largest generation of youth in history, and worldwide made up almost 50 percent of the global workforce, (Lovell, Entrepreneur.com, 2017).

How is Dayton capitalizing on this new talent? Attracting and retaining young professionals after they have graduated from one of our three universities has been an issue for Dayton, which is why the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce created the first young professional’s organization for the Dayton area eleven years ago: Generation Dayton.

Chamber kayak outing 2015
(L-R) Chamber Executive Vice President Chris Kershner, State Rep. Niraj Antani

When asked how Generation Dayton aided in his professional, personal and/or social development, Generation Dayton member and State Representative Niraj Antani answered, “Young people are not just our future, but our present. Dayton is facing an epidemic of brain drain, with talented young people leaving the area after college. Generation Dayton is doing great work to counteract that, showing that Dayton is a vibrant & attractive city for young people.”

This is how they do it:

Professional Development

After graduation from either a traditional four-year university or trade/community school, there is still a gap between a working environment and classroom settings. Generation Dayton has built out a series of six workshop events, and six lecture events to bridge these gaps. The events can span across how to work a room, etiquette dinner training, hearing from C-Suite executives on how they built their way to the top, all of which help sharpen, or make connections for young professionals to learn from real world experiences.

Community Service

A community cannot thrive without its members giving back. This drive to give back is in no short supply for Young Professionals who want to make their mark on where they live. Generation Dayton provides monthly opportunities for YP’s to do just that. From volunteering at established non-profits, to putting on events of our own such as Generation Dayton Day, Generation Dayton gives their members the chance to find avenues they are passionate about to continue to improve their own, and community’s future.

Generation Dayton at the Dayton Art Institute
© 2017 Photograph by Skip Peterson


Arguably, networking is the key to a successful career in any field. Making connections can provide opportunities for advancement, advice and positive influences on your career, and strengthen relationships both professionally and personally. All of Generation Dayton’s events have an element of networking, especially Generation Dayton’s Monthly Mixers, which are held at various local establishments where you can have a drink and meet new people in the area.

Interested in how you can get more involved in Generation Dayton? Click here.