Why Empower?

Read how Empower impacted the lives of its graduates.


Bethany Bruns  | Cohort 1

Director of Data Governance, Henny Penny


“This program provided tools and perspectives that gave me the clarity I needed to determine where I wanted to take my career.  The relationships I built during this program were one of the most impactful and rewarding benefits.  The support these women provide to each other is like nothing else I have experienced and something that continues to this day.”





Charlynda Scales  |  Cohort 2

Founder & CEO, Mutt’s Sauce


“Empower did two things: 1. It connected me to fellow women professionals on a deeper level than any other program and 2.  Showed me how I can give back to the community I love.  My fellow graduates are my sisters forever.”






Amanda Burks  | Cohort 3

Director of Development and Communications, WYSO


“As female leaders, we too often deny ourselves the opportunity to explore the roles we play in our community and reflect on how we influence these spaces. But through EMPOWER, this type of introspection is encouraged and immersing in this program allowed me to connect with other female leaders and, importantly, to connect with myself in a powerful way. Through this vulnerability I was able to identify my strengths, curate my brand, and tap into my confidence in a way I never knew possible.”