Chamber Blog: What does a Chamber of Commerce do?

By: Matt Herman

If you’re a business owner, maybe there’s just one thing that’s keeping you from reaching the next level. How could you solve this problem? Could support from like-minded community members help you out? Maybe just knowing the right person, or making the right connections with a distributor would make a difference. We are now beginning to scratch the surface of what a chamber of commerce has to offer.

What is a chamber?

Most communities have a chamber, and despite this fact, many businesses are completely unaware of the resources it can provide to them. It is often overlooked how getting plugged into your local business community can grow your business. Whether it’s finding young talent, meeting the right connection, getting the voice of your business concerns heard, there’s a wide array of benefits to chamber membership.

What do chambers do?

  • As a small business owner, networking is key. Chambers host a multitude of events to make new introductions and keep our business communities tight-knit. The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce offers programs for young professionals, women leaders, logistics players, and many more beneficial networking opportunities.
  • Chambers also play a huge part in maintaining a prosperous business community. Chambers are the voice of business. They work to lobby and get business owners in front of legislators, use their resources to solve problems and deficits in the community, promote equity and inclusion, and the list goes on.
  • Free marketing is another reward for chamber memberships. People trust their local chamber. So when someone reaches out for a recommendation, chambers provide a suitable member. It’s also a great for B2B marketing. In addition, chambers that are highly active on social media provide many exposure opportunities to their members. The Dayton Area Chamber has an online directory organized by business category so members and nonmembers can locate someone to fit their needs. Many chamber memberships also provide ribbon cutting and groundbreaking services.
  • Volunteer opportunities. Chambers are nonprofits, so this gives members the opportunity to serve on many of its boards. At the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, the vast majority of volunteers choose to stay engaged each year because they see the benefits of their participation.
  • Discounts on health insurance, office supplies, workers’ comp, and many other benefits come courtesy of your chamber membership

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is your business advocate. Its mission is to make the business community prosper, one business at a time.