i3 Commerce Technology

Choosing the right payment processing partner is important to help you grow profits. Chamber partner i3 Commerce Technology makes that decision easier, offering Dayton Area Chamber members a free consultation to identify ways they can save on payment processing fees.

i3 Commerce Technology offers the following solutions:

  • Credit and debit card processing
  • Access to multiple payment platforms
  • Touchless payment options
  • Level 3 and large ticket corporate card processing
  • Next-day funding*
  • Seamless Software Integration
  • Lower rates, consolidated billing with Amex Direct
  • Virtual terminals and mobile processing
  • PCI validation programs
  • EMV Equipment
  • Data to identify your key demographics

*Restrictions apply

Want to know more?

If you take credit cards for payment, you know how quickly technology changes. The i3 Commerce Technology model is simple: The best quality payment processing using personalized solutions and the latest technologies, paired with low prices. As a Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce member, i3 Commerce Technology will take a close look at how you’re currently processing payments, and provide a no-cost quote on a suggested solution. There’s nothing to lose, but you could gain savings and better service. Why not check it out?

Download: Chosen to Help Your Business Grow Profits (PDF)

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For a no-cost consultation, contact our i3 Commerce Technology chamber representative Ryan Wessinger at 513-725-3617 or contact us using this short form.

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