Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and City of Dayton Joins “Rally for Air Service” Coalition To Support Air Service in Dayton Region

DAYTON, Ohio (October 24, 2022) – The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Dayton have joined the Rally for Air Service coalition, lending our voices to the growing number of organizations which are deeply concerned with the nationwide pilot shortage and its devastating impact on small community air service.

Our mission is to educate the public about this worsening situation and encourage solutions that protect and help to rebuild air service, while upholding the highest level of aviation safety.

Domestic air service demand has met or exceeded 2019 levels, yet 72 percent of U.S. airports have less air service today than before the pandemic. Official Airline Guide (OAG) published schedule comparisons between the four quarters of 2019 and the same period through end of 2022 show 325 airports have experienced air service loss. These communities have lost an average of 31% of their flights. A full 161 airports have lost more than one quarter of their air service.

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Dayton are committed to growing and expanding air service at the Dayton International Airport (DAY). DAY directly serves business passengers within a two-hour catchment area and we are committed to ensuring the air service needs of the region’s business community are met.

“We listened to our businesses. They want more business flights and destinations out of DAY and there are a few simple regulatory changes that will put more pilots in planes and more planes in the air over Dayton today,” stated Chris Kershner, President & CEO Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Ease of traveling is the primary reason local business leaders cite when choosing to fly out of DAY,” said Shelley Dickstein, Dayton City Manager. “We are committed to finding solutions for this problem to ensure DAY remains a viable option for the region’s business community.”

Our organizations look forward to working with our partners at the Rally for Air Service coalition to raise awareness of this critical issue and advocate for developing solutions that will resolve the pilot shortage.

About Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce brings together more than 2,200 businesses and organizations in a 9 county area surrounding Dayton, Ohio. The chamber strives to improve the region’s business climate and overall standard of living through public policy advocacy, economic development initiatives and providing networking and training opportunities for its members. Nationally awarded with “5-Star Accreditation” from the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Dayton Area Chamber is widely recognized for its innovative programs and outstanding contribution to positive change in the region. Information about the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is available at or 937-226-1444.