Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Releases ‘Workplace Giving Portal’ – A Simple Way to Encourage Workplace Giving

DAYTON, Ohio – Giving back to the community is a priority for many businesses and employees. To make it even easier to give, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce has created a way to simplify the process. The new “Workplace Giving Portal” features charitable nonprofit chamber members, and provides businesses and employees a way to make a financial contribution to the charity of their choice, without any hassle. All the business has to do is share the portal link with its employees, giving them a simple way to consider a gift to the non-profit charity they want to support.

“This portal is a valuable tool that will be an asset for corporate giving campaigns and it will allow employers to support non-profits without having to choose a single entity,” said Chris Kershner, president & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a simple and much-needed way to give back to the Dayton community.”

The charities featured in the chamber portal are members of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce in good standing. One click can make a difference in the Dayton region.

To access this new feature, just head to, click the SERVICES tab, scroll down to BUSINESS RESOURCES, and select WORKPLACE GIVING PORTAL.

You can also reach it by following this link:


Interested in being listed on the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce workplace giving portal? Nonprofits listed here are charitable organizations and members of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce in good standing. Not sure if you’re a member? Check our Membership Directory on our website. If you meet the criteria listed above, please contact Veronica Nunamaker, Director, Marketing & Member Engagement at

Not a member, but want to join? Find membership benefits, and apply for membership today at!

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