Dayton Area Chamber Opposes Ohio H.B 248 & Biden Administration Mandate for Nursing Homes

In June 2021, the Dayton Area Chamber provided testimony in opposition of H.B. 248, in addition to joining a statewide coalition of business organizations opposing this infringement on business owners rights.  H.B. 248 prohibits business owners and employers from requiring vaccinations and vaccination status disclosures from their employees. This prohibition would apply to private businesses, schools, health care providers and any other private or public entities. This week, the Ohio House Health Committee is revisiting this bill, and the Dayton Area Chamber will again voice our steadfast commitment for employers to run their businesses free of government interference.

Also this week, the Biden administration announced that it will be directing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to draw up a new regulation requiring all employees at private nursing homes to be vaccinated if the facility is receiving Medicare and Medicaid. Again, putting private business directly in the cross hairs of government regulators. This new mandate is coming at an especially precarious time for an industry that is already burdened by labor shortages, high workforce turnover and exhausted management that has been navigating Covid-19 regulations for the past 17 months.

As THE voice of business, the Dayton Area Chamber’s opposition to H.B. 248 and the Biden Administration mandate for nursing homes is firmly in line with our longstanding pro-business, free-enterprise policy agenda.

“We strongly believe that employers in the Dayton region, Ohio and across our country should have the freedom to operate their businesses, to make decisions about their workforce and to develop the health and safety policies that meet the needs of their individual workplaces & industries without government interference,” said Chris Kershner, president & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, the nation’s employers have been a leader in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by taking pro-active and voluntary actions to protect their workforce, customers and community. H.B. 248 and the Biden Administration mandate on nursing homes represents dangerous government overreach and the Dayton Area Chamber will oppose these government mandates that makes it more difficult for businesses to operate and infringes on employer rights.