KERSHNER:Public Policy Influence is in the Collective

The power of an association isn’t in the leader and it isn’t in the individual. The power is in the greater collective of the group that is able to create real change, advance policy and stop bad-for-business ideas. The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is uniquely positioned to represent and advocate on behalf of a diverse group of business stakeholders from throughout the nine county region. We are the convener, the facilitator and the advocate. The power and influence of our organization comes from the 2,200 business members that are standing behind us and supporting us every time we speak, attend a meeting and voice the will of our regional business community. This is our member’s organization and we will represent them with integrity and mission discipline, always ensuring the voice of business is being heard.

This collective representation and advocacy is a powerful tool and can create real change and protect our business members. The Dayton Area Chamber will vet policy proposals, analyze ballot issues and dive deep into legislation so our members understand the impact. We speak as one and we act as one. This discipline gives us our collective real power to influence. If we splinter and don’t unite, we are weakened and our influence is weakened.

I am proud to represent a diverse business community and diverse membership that has always united together to execute the best interests of the greater Dayton business community for 114 years. This is why our chamber is the 25th largest chamber in the country and we are in the top 1.7% of accredited nationally. Our businesses are committed to uniting together to create change, betterment for our economy and a region that all of us are proud to live work and play.

Our collective representation of our business community is a powerful tool and I implore all of our business members to leverage the chamber and work with us to inform us as to the impact public policy will have your operations and participate in our public policy process. All businesses, employers and members should look to the chamber for direction and positions on key ballot issues and legislation. Our public policy and government affairs positions are created by our members, so when the chamber speaks, 2,200 businesses speak.

Chris Kershner, CAE
President & CEO
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

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