Mile Two Wins Award for its Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

(Dayton, Ohio) – Mile Two has earned a 2021 Greater Dayton Workplace Diversity Award. Established in 2006, this award is given to organizations who are strong advocates for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Mile Two is the first tech company to win the award.

“We applaud Mile Two’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace. Mile Two seeks out diversity when forming a team, and has created an infrastructure that ensures inclusiveness throughout the business process,” said Chris Kershner, president & CEO, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. “Mile Two not only encourages an environment that amplifies all voices; Mile Two expects it. This work is vital to ensuring equity in opportunity, and leads to better business outcomes.”

Given by the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the National Conference Community & Justice of Greater Dayton, the award is named the ‘Premier Health Workplace Diversity Award’ after the first winner. “We are grateful to present the Premier Health Workplace Diversity Award to employers that are committed to the important work of fostering an inclusive work environment,” said Mike Riordan, president and CEO of Premier Health. “We thank Mile Two for making this critical journey alongside our organization and other businesses in the community. Our collective pursuit of diversity and inclusion – of workplaces where everyone feels that they are welcome and belong – strengthens the Dayton region and makes this community a place where we all want to be.”

Mile Two President Jeff Graley explains, “We’re proud of this recognition because we think that fighting for a more diverse and inclusive company is simply the right thing to do. It makes us better and it makes our community better.”