DALA Advocacy

The Dayton Area Logistics Association is the only association in the Dayton region focused solely on the logistics industry. DALA speaks with one voice to elected leaders to ensure Dayton has the right infrastructure and legislative and regulatory parameters to support all sectors of the industry.

Public Policy

DALA has an aggressive lobbying strategy to achieve pro-logistics goals over the next 10 years, supports transportation and infrastructure upgrades, improvement and construction, promotes a low cost of doing business for the logistics industry, and advocates for legislation and regulations supporting the logistics industry and industry investments in the Dayton region.

DALA Advocacy Documents

Workforce Advocacy

The advocacy efforts of the Dayton Area Logistics Association extend beyond public policy. DALA members identify a skilled workforce as an important challenge facing the industry overall, in all markets. One of the strategies for increasing the applicant pool for jobs in logistics is to fight common misconceptions about the industry. In order to shed light on the variety of available positions, the opportunities for advancement and the high quality of career options provided by the logistics industry, DALA produced a short video highlighting logistics-related businesses in the Dayton region.

Watch the video here: