What does tax reform mean for your business?

The news after Washington made sweeping changes to the tax laws in the U.S. was inundated with businesses declaring bonuses for employees, and plans to pass tax savings on to customers in the form of major price cuts. But some business owners have paused – waiting to learn how, exactly, the change in our tax laws will affect them.

This choice is a valid one. In fact, Cleveland’s Federal Reserve Bank president told a Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce crowd in February 2018 she’s still waiting to see how the tax reform will affect our economy.

“There is more salient upside risk to the forecast than we have seen in quite a while,” Mester said. “We will have to see a little more detail on exactly how that is going to play out.”

In the meantime, business leaders want to know they’re making the right decisions to take advantage of these changes. So, we turned to our chamber member tax experts for input on how these changes will affect business. On March 28, 2018, representatives from Brady Ware, Brixey & Meyer and RSM will discuss what the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means to business leaders. Learn more and register here.


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