Top 3 Must-Haves for Your Website

By: Kevin Holmes, Holmes Marketing Services

Building a website is hard enough as it is, but adding the meat and potatoes of the website is a whole other challenge in itself. Websites need creativity, wholesomeness and relativity to the business or organization it represents. Not everyone can physically walk into the building where your business is.

So, there is a lot riding on the first impression of the website right?

To help release some of the pressure, here are three, in my opinion, must-haves for your website.

Content Is Key

When you’re thinking about your business and your website be careful not to fall into the trap of, “I have to explain more to make sure they really understand what I am trying to say.” While that is very considerate of you to take time and go through every possible detail in the explanation, give your viewers some credit. They are smart, they will understand.

Less is more

Now, I’m not telling you to only have a couple words on your webpage and that’s all. Write what is needed, but only what is needed. You can say a lot  without having to explain every detail. The meat and potatoes of the webpage is the content you put on the web page, so don’t overcook it.

A tip I can give you to help condense some of your content:

When you are writing your piece, have in mind the fifteen-second rule. Meaning, viewers will give about fifteen seconds to a website. So, when you are writing your content for the website make sure it grabs the eye of the viewer immediately. Remember you are racing the clock!

Include Your Customers

Now, I’m not telling you to let your customers help build or design your website. That could cause all kinds of confusion. Instead, include your customers experience from your business on the website.

One wordTestimonials.

From past experience, when I am looking to buy a product or hire a company for their business, I do some research on of their work and then the product in the reviews.The choice to make the purchase is ultimately my own, but seeing other views on the product or business can be helpful.

Clients like hearing from other Clients. So let them!

Showing testimonials of clients that you’ve had business with can change how people view your business in a positive way. Instead of them going to another source to see what your service is like, show them right there on your webpage.

With testimonials, past clients can provide wholesome, detailed experiences that will make it easier for new clients to get a better idea of what they might be getting into.

Easy enough right?

Here is a tip to maybe go forward and ask past clients for a testimonial piece:

Thank the client for their past business with you and ask them if they would be willing to share their experience with your business in a small testimonial piece. Give them a word count and open yourself up to help them as much as you can.


 Google maps does not help when trying to figure your way around a website. So don’t make your users feel like they need to use it.

Clear and concise navigation is key to your website. This doesn’t mean to have a ton on the links at the top of your page or adding a button after every page change. Remember, less is more.

When I go to a website I look for the tab that would lead me to where I need to go. Now, when I click on the tab and it takes me to something that was irrelevant to my needs, I leave, and I might consider trying again.

The idea is: Don’t make me think.

For example, If you have a contact page make sure the ability to contact whomever they need to contact is available on their from the first click. Don’t make the user have to click something else and that sends them to another page for them to contact someone. If the tab they clicked said Contact; they are 100% expecting to be able to contact someone from the first click.

To help with some of the clarity for your navigation needs, here’s a tip:

Sitemaps can help users and yourself see the navigation of the website in a simpler way.

Hopefully these three must-haves and tips will help guide you on your way to a better experience and outcome for your website.


Kevin Holmes is an owner and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Holmes Marketing Services. He is passionate about giving Holmes clients the best possible experience and exceeding expectations. To discuss how to make your marketing work for you, or to learn more about Holmes, you can contact Kevin at Or, visit our website at