Category: Op-Ed

Parker: Recent storms will have continued economic impact

Date: June 24, 2019 Category: Op-Ed

Many Dayton-area families and businesses were lucky when the tornadoes hit on the late evening of Memorial Day.  But … many others were not. Thanks to first responders and many brave and selfless neighbors and friends, we got through those first few...

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Parker: Arcade revival big win for downtown

Date: May 28, 2019 Category: Op-Ed

The most-recent steps taken in the very long process of the redevelopment of Dayton’s historic downtown Arcade are perhaps the most significant progress in years. For those new to our community, this is not the first attempt to revitalize this iconic...

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Parker: Companies need creative ways to attract workers beyond pay

Date: April 30, 2019 Category: Op-Ed

Employers continue to have many challenges attracting or retaining the skilled talent they need to drive the success of their organizations.  Our community, like others across the nation, is hard at work in setting high expectations of our local K-12 edu...

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Parker: We need to fix our roads

Date: February 24, 2019 Category: Op-Ed

I don’t know about you, but these Ohio potholes created by our freeze-and-thaw this past fall and winter are driving me crazy and killing my 9-year old Suburban.  But what are we going to do about it before it gets even worse? Then came a reminder i...

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Parker: New leaders with strong ties to Dayton have impact on Ohio

Date: January 28, 2019 Category: Op-Ed

We recently witnessed history in the making as two leaders with strong Miami Valley ties were sworn in as Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively.  The team of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted, both of whom spent much of their formative years in our regi...

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Parker: Still many challenges ahead for Wright State University

Date: December 26, 2018 Category: Op-Ed

A while back, I publicly wrote about my thoughts pertaining to Wright State University’s plight in dealing with the fiscal woes created by numerous mistakes by the previous top management. The new administration and Board had to make some “tough love...

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Parker: Shopping local matters

Date: November 28, 2018 Category: Op-Ed

With the Thanksgiving holiday now officially behind us as well as Black Friday, this weekend started the beginning of the American tradition of the Christmas shopping season.  Shoppers will spend over $700 billion in the 2018 holiday season … $2 billio...

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Parker: Vote no on Issue 1

Date: October 30, 2018 Category: Op-Ed

Once again, outside big money is trying to buy Ohio voters with another drug deal.  Now these out-of-state crazies want to allow for reducing drug penalties to those who are selling on our streets and in our neighborhoods.  Didn’t we tell them a coupl...

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Parker: Community must support Wright State University

Date: September 24, 2018 Category: Op-Ed

Over the last 12 – 15 months, the business community and our chamber of commerce have continued to watch the progress that Wright State University has made in turning around its 2012 - 2017 financial deficiencies.  We all remember the headlines dating ...

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Allen: A letter to PBS

Date: September 13, 2018 Category: Op-Ed

Dear PBS & ProPublica: We appreciate your interest in the Dayton region. Really, I do. But after watching Tuesday evening's FRONTLINE special entitled "Left Behind America", I believe we could assist your reporter, Alec MacGillis, with filling in t...

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