Kershner: Dayton region secures the future of Honda

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After the $20 billion Intel FAB announcement earlier this year, we thought we had seen a once-in-a-lifetime economic investment that couldn’t be matched. However, Honda Manufacturing had other plans – this time here in the Dayton region.

Honda has a history of being a tremendous partner with the chamber. Over the years, we have worked with Honda connecting them with our business community, local Honda suppliers and our region’s legislators.

This announcement takes this relationship to the next level, as Honda Manufacturing invests $3.5 billion in a battery plant to supply their electric vehicles and it’s in our backyard: Jeffersonville, Ohio. This $3.5 billion investment could reach $4.4 billion by the time the plant is complete and produce 2,200 new jobs in the Dayton region.

These numbers are staggering, and they aren’t only impressive to all of us. This type of investment will attract the attention of global investors, technology companies, advanced manufacturers, and suppliers that now see Ohio and this Dayton region is where they need to be located to keep a competitive edge.

For Intel and Honda suppliers the value proposition and answer to the question “why Dayton?” is simple; if a diverse and reliable supply chain is important to your company values, Dayton has one of the best networks of diverse suppliers and minority supply chains that rivals major metropolitan areas.

If you are worried about labor competition, Dayton has an educated, skilled, and available workforce. If you are worried about being geographically close to major OEMs like Intel and Honda, Dayton supplies access to 60% of the nation’s population in a day’s drive. Along with being regionally accessible, Dayton provides connections to Intel and Honda’s combined $23.5 billion investment and their growing workforce of 5,200 employees.

This is a strong value proposition that can stand above any other location in the world. Intel and Honda suppliers can locate their operations in the Dayton region and be situated directly on a major highway, I-70 & US Rt. 35, have direct access to Ohio’s largest economic development projects, realize reduced labor competition, maintain exclusive access to over 40,000 college graduates annually and be part of the community that is leading the way in supporting locally-owned minority companies.

A business-friendly environment, low cost of doing business, and available workforce has been a long-standing value proposition for the Dayton region. Now that we are on the global stage, the secret is out and the Dayton region is ready.


Chris Kershner, CAE
President & CEO
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

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