Yes on issues 3 & 4

DAYTON, Ohio (September 2017) – Among the issues and people on this November 7th ballot are two that have continued to be of great value to Montgomery County citizens. The Human Services levy renewal (#3) and the Sinclair Community College levy renewal (#4) are both very deserving of your support. Both have proven to have been good stewards of taxpayer resources and strategic to the betterment of the region’s core urban county. Both have a strong business legacy and support.

Issue #3 – Human Services Levy

An 8-year temporary levy seeking 6.03 mills that will generate about $56 million for community issues involving health; children’s services; the elderly; and other social services. This is not a tax increase. Part B will cost about $185 a year for $100,000 in property valuation. This levy has proven to be one of the most important fund sources for our citizens in need. The concept of this levy and use of shared public resources was developed by members of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce over thirty years ago. Because its use has been so well defined and overseen by the community through the Human Services Levy Council, the Chamber of Commerce along with other organizations and leaders recommend your ‘yes’ vote of support.

Issue #4 – Sinclair Community College Levy

This is a 10-year, temporary renewal of an educational support levy paid for by Montgomery County residents to help offset the costs of post-secondary education for our incumbent and future workers who attend Sinclair Community College. This 3.2 mill levy will cost about $96 a year for $100,000 property valuation and it too is not a tax increase. It generates about 20% of Sinclair’s budget and is used to keep tuition lower for Montgomery County residents. Based on the outstanding work and world-class reputation of Sinclair in educating and training our future workforce, the business community has and continues to be a strong supporter of this strategic use of tax payer dollars. A ‘yes’ vote on Issue 4 is highly recommended.

All votes matter. Your vote matters. Support of Issues 3 and 4 is a wise choice to keep our community strong and growing. I believe these are dollars well spent, and the citizen volunteers and professional leadership of these two institutions have proven themselves over and over again to have been innovative thinkers and outstanding stewards of our monies.

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Phillip L. Parker, CAE, CCE

President & CEO

Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce